Why did you join ACPA as a volunteer community ambassador?
As a student I was looking to invest time in a worthwhile cause related to my field of study. I came across the ACP community ambassador role online. It immediately tweaked my interest as I recently had experience with an ill family member who could’ve benefitted from the plan.  

What kind of activities do you do in your role as a volunteer community ambassador?
I help run the national advisory service and preach the importance of advance care planning whenever and to whomever I can! 

How has your professional and /or life experience prepared you for your work with ACPA?
Being aware of the health sector and medical terminologies through my studies, as well as being passionate about the work really helped me settle into the role quickly. 

What makes you a good ACPA volunteer community ambassador? 
Genuinely enjoying having conversations about the initiative and just listening to people talk about what they’re going through helps provide the service that people appreciate and benefit from. It is very important to be a good listener and to just listen and have a general conversation (when possible) before providing the appropriate information. 

What do you enjoy most about being part of the ACPA team?
Being able to learn from highly experienced colleagues and getting the opportunity to expand a variety of skills such as communication, presentation, professionalism, and much more. Knowing the work we do is extremely beneficial for a variety of different people makes the role very fulfilling and worthwhile. 

What have you learned in your time with ACPA?
The importance of planning ahead for one’s health, as well as being able to make a huge difference by investing a small portion of my time. It doesn’t take much but helps people in the community a lot. Additionally, the ACP team at Austin provide many opportunities for different kinds of work which enhance essential skills such as public speaking, teamwork, communication, and so on. 

What are some of the common questions you receive from people about advance care planning?

Many people confuse the plan with a will or a means to aged care facilities. But from those that know about it – many questions are in regard to where to put the advance care plan and how to make it as accessible as possible. The answer to that is to make as many copies as necessary to distribute to close family or friends and those involved in making the plan, to stick one up on the fridge, and lastly, to upload it on MyHealthRecord.  

What have you found to be common myths and misunderstandings about advance care planning?
That advance care planning is for old people in end-of-life care. ACP is for everyone of all ages and is beneficial regardless of health!

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