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Book club inspiration

We’ve compiled a list for fellow book lovers to help you think and talk about what matters most to you.

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These Ted Talks can help inspire you and inspire a conversation about advance care planning.

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Watch the Your Life Your Choice video. Hear personal stories and learn the basics of advance care planning.

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Find out more about advance care planning

  • Video

    Advance care planning: Be open, be ready, be heard

    Advance Care Planning Australia

    Life is full of moments when it's important to be open, to be ready, and to be heard. This is especially true when it comes to your future health care. Watch this short animation to find out more.
  • Video

    Advance care planning: Talking about it

    Advance Care Planning Australia

    It can be tough to talk about advance care planning, but it's important. If you need someone to make health care decisions for you, they need to know what you would have chosen. Watch this short animation to find out more.
  • Video

    Advance care planning: Being chosen as a substitute decision-maker

    Advance Care Planning Australia

    Whether it's a friend, a parent, grandparent or your partner, being chosen as someone's substitute decision-maker is an important responsibility. Watch this short animation to find out more.