Event tips for hosts

Ready to plan your event?

We've developed a handy guide to help step you through the event-planning process. 

  • Be sure to register your event to get an event listing on the What's On page of our National Advance Care Planning Week website.
  • Give invitees enough time to clear their diaries so they can attend - get your invites out earlier rather than later.
  • You can promote your event by sharing your event listing in your newsletter or on social media with images we have created for you.
  • Add some star power to your event and invite a local VIP.
  • Engage the local media and send a media release.
  • Hang awareness-raising posters around your office, organisation and community to build the buzz. 
  • You can download customisable posters where you can add the details of your event.
  • A great way to kick off your event is to get your guests talking about advance care planning.
  • Try our conversation starters to help open up the conversation on the day.
  • These conversations can be challenging for some people - encourage an atmosphere of listening, openness and respect.
  • Remind guests that everyone has different views and values - honest conversations are the key.
  • For a step-by-step guide and activities,  look at our resources for hosts page.

  • Share your photos and highlights with us after the event via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #acpweek20
  • Email your photos to us and tell us how it went.
  • We will also send you a survey to fill out after the event to help us improve.

ACP-Week_launch_event_photos ACP_WEEK_Channel_Nine_event_photos_of_guests image012 event photos showing attendees seated in rows image showing two seated ladies smiling at an ACP Week hosted event image of a group of people sitting on chairs outdoors and chatting
Booklets and Guides

Advance care planning companion guides

Mother and daughter smiling with a hug

Advance Care Planning

A personal guide

This guide is designed to help you think about your future healthcare choices, to be used alongside the companion booklet, 'Getting started'.

Download (PDF, 2.7MB)
Grandfather holding granddaughter on lap

Advance Care Planning

Getting started

This booklet is designed to support you in the process of developing an Advance Care Directive, alongside the companion publication, 'A personal guide'.

Download (PDF, 4.3MB)