About us

Working towards real change.

Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) is a national program funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, enabling Australians to make the best choices for their life and health care.

Delivering an extensive range of projects, ACPA increases advance care planning resources across health sectors and NGOs, improves workforce capability, produces information resources for diverse consumers and communities, and builds the evidence base.

ACPA’s work is informed by national policy, strategy, frameworks and standards including:

  • Articles & Publications

    National Palliative Care Strategy 2010

    Australian Government Department of Health

    Supporting Australians to Live Well at the End of Life. This national strategy aims to achieve four goals relating the palliative care including (1) awareness and understanding, (2) appropriateness and effectiveness, (3) leadership and governance, and (4) capacity and capability.
  • Articles & Publications

    A National Framework for Advance Care Directives 2011

    Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council

    This National Framework combines new and existing concepts and is intended to be aspirational, this is, it describes the goals for which policy and practice should aim rather than reflecting current law and practice across Australia.
  • Articles & Publications

    Evaluation of the National Palliative Care Strategy 2010, Report 2016

    Australian Government Department of Health

    This evaluation was undertaken to determine the relevance and useability of the National Palliative Care Strategy 2010. The evaluation was informed by an evidence review as well as national consultation through workshops, in-depth interviews, and online submissions.

Our vision

It's about conversations. It's about choices. It's about how we care for each other.

We believe advance care planning is a heartfelt conversation and a personal statement that goes way beyond filling in a form. It’s a commitment to honour and respect an individual’s values and choices. We want to enable every Australian to make the best choices for their life and health care, based on their personal values and beliefs.

Our purpose

To build the foundation for a national collaborative approach to advance care planning. 

Our objectives

  • To ensure collaborative, respectful, strategic relationships and partnerships.
  • Deliver programs effectively.
  • Inform and influence evidence-based advance care planning practice.
  • Share knowledge through research and publications.

Our program and team

Advance Care Planning Australia is a national program that encourages people to reflect on their current and future health goals, values and beliefs.

An advance care plan can empower and prepare individuals, their loved ones, carers and healthcare professionals for important healthcare decisions in the future. This approach reduces anxiety and improves outcomes for all involved.

  • Karen-Detering
    Medical Director,
    Advance Care Planning Australia

    Dr. Karen Detering

    Dr Karen Detering is the Medical Director of Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA), the leading body for advance care planning in Australia.

  • Linda-Nolte
    Program Director,
    Advance Care Planning Australia

    Linda Nolte

    Linda Nolte is the Advance Care Planning Australia Program Director who is passionate about person-centred care, improving health care and leading programs.

  • Rebecca_optimised-for-staff-profile
    ACPA Communications

    Rebecca Camilleri

    Rebecca has led compelling, award-winning communications campaigns, presented at conferences and has managed stakeholders in complex, political environments.

  • Marcus_Sellars
    Research Fellow,
    Advance Care Planning Australia

    Marcus Sellars

    Marcus is passionate about using applied qualitative research methods and health economic evaluation to improve patient-centred outcomes.

Advance Care Planning Australia works to ensure advance care planning discussions become a key part of routine healthcare conversations across Australia. We deliver an extensive range of programs, services, training and education to foster innovation and research in this important area.