Advance Care Planning Week

National Advance Care Planning Week has finished for 2022, but remember every week is a good week to start the conversation.

Join us in early 2023 to prepare for the campaign in March, and find out more about advance care planning now.

A time to talk about what matters most.

National Advance Care Planning Week is an annual initiative by Advance Care Planning Australia. It encourages all Australians, regardless of their age or health status, to make their future health care preferences known.

The initiative challenges people to discuss what living well means to them and to consider who they would want to speak for them, if they were too sick to speak for themselves.

The initiative has been successful in starting tough but important conversations, bringing the topic to talkback radio, across social media and to family dinner tables across Australia – from Kalgoorlie to Townsville and Hobart to Alice Springs. 


What we do

Find out more about advance care planning and Advance Care Planning Australia, the program behind this event.

Meet our ambassadors

Some of Australia's leading health care professionals have lent their support to this event.



National Advance Care Planning Week FAQs