Hosting a virtual event guide

If you're considering hosting a virtual event check out our guide below.

Choose your platform

There are a range of easy-to-use programs on offer to host your online event such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If you work for a large organisation you may want to ask your IT or communications department if there is a preferred or supported platform for virtual events.

We recommend that you run a test event with colleagues prior to the event to familiarise yourself with the platform and identify any glitches.

Invite your guests

The way you choose to invite your guests will depend on what you know of your audience and how they like to receive information. If you have their email address, this is a great way to reach out to them directly. Be sure to include our ACP Week email banner.

You could put up a poster or notice in a busy area such as a library or health centre foyer.

For your more digitally connected people you could put a shout out on social media and use our promotional tiles.

Be sure to include the URL to your online event with clear instructions on how the attendee can join in and clear details around date and time. Should you require guests to RSVP be sure to specify this in your invite.

Event content

Even if you have basic knowledge of ACP, this should be sufficient to give an introductory presentation to your audience.

We recommend that you download and use our pre-prepared PowerPoint presentation which covers off the basics.

Should you require a refresher on the basics of advance care planning, we recommend you complete our free online training, Module One: Advance Care Planning Introduction through ACPA Learning

Event proceedings

  • Welcome your guests and introduce yourself
  • Deliver a Welcome to Country or Acknowledgement of Country
  • Quick run-down of event proceedings
  • Start with an introductory video to kick off and set the scene
  • Launch in to the ACP PowerPoint presentation
  • Facilitate group discussion by encouraging guests to share their thoughts and experiences. Have a look at our conversation starters and event activities we’ve developed to help you do this.
  • Set aside time for Q&A
    • Tricky questions can be referred to our National Advance Care Planning Support Service. Freecall 1300 208 582, 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri AEST
  • Close the event and encourage guests to find more information and access relevant forms at
Booklets and guides

Advance care planning companion guide

woman and daughters enjoying special moment

Advance Care Planning

Getting Started Guide

A printable introductory guide to advance care planning.

Download (PDF, 2.6MB)