We have a range of resources that can be used to begin your advance care planning journey, start a conversation or include in a presentation. We also have resources available in 18 other languages.

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Advance care planning: Be open, be ready, be heard

Life is full of moments when it's important to be open, to be ready, and to be heard. This is especially true when it comes to your future health care. Watch for a two-minute exploration of advance care planning.

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The Questions That Matter Most

If you were too unwell to speak for yourself, who would speak for you and what would they say? In this video we speak to several families and ask the big questions. This video can be used to encourage an open conversation around advance care planning.

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Love Is Not Enough

You know your loved ones well, but is that enough for life’s toughest decisions? We put couples to the test in this emotionally charged video.

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Advance care planning: Talking about it

It can be tough to talk about advance care planning, but it's important. Get some ideas on starting the conversation.

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Advance care planning: Being chosen as a substitute decision-maker

Whether it's a friend, a parent, grandparent or your partner, being chosen as someone's substitute decision-maker is an important responsibility. What does it mean to be someone's substitute decision-maker?

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The Questions That Matter Most - Heather & Sue

Heather & Sue's dad tried to guide them on how to make difficult medical decisions on his behalf as they prepared to say goodbye. Do you know what your loved ones would want?

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How well do Diana and Rui know each other?

Diana and Rui know everything about each other, except the most important thing…

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  • Kellie Curtain, "What Will I Wear To Your Funeral" - chronicles the highs and lows of her mother's cancer journey.

  • Dr Ranjana Srivastava, "Dying For A Chat" - explores the patient-doctor relationship. 

  • Dr Charlie Corke, "Letting Go" -  tips on planning a good death from an ICU specialist.

  • Paul Kalanithi, "When Breath Becomes Air" - a book that despite being written about dying, is all about life and living.

  • Mitch Albom, "Tuesdays with Morrie" - after reconnecting with his older college professor, Morrie teaches Mitch his lessons in how to live and how to die.

  • Brooke Davis, "Lost & Found" - Brooke finds out she has lost her mother while travelling overseas, she advocates living life to the full, no matter your age.

  • Elle Luna, "The Crossroads of Should and Must" - poses some interesting questions about what we can and cannot live without and what trade-offs we’re willing to make to get what we want out of our own lives. 

  • Lucy Kalanithi – Caregiver. Lucy Kalanithi reflects on life and purpose, sharing the story of her late husband, Paul, a young neurosurgeon who turned to writing "When Breath Becomes Air" after his terminal cancer diagnosis.

  • Peter Saul - Let’s talk about dying. We can't control if we'll die, but we can "occupy death," in the words of Peter Saul, an emergency doctor. He asks us to think about the end of our lives - and to question the modern model of slow, intubated death in hospital. Two big questions can help you start this tough conversation. 

The following resources are suitable for printing and can be downloaded or ordered here

  • Conversation Starters: A5 size 

  • Advance Care Planning Australia information card: DL postcard 

  • Wallet cards: please respect my advance care plan

  • Advance care planning: Getting Started Guide  

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