Storing your advance care planning documents 

If you have completed an advance care directive and/or form used to choose a substitute decision-maker as part of your advance care planning process, sign and date the forms. Depending on your state or territory requirements, you may also need one or more witnesses to sign and date your forms. Copies of these forms should be shared with people who might be needed to make decisions for you. These people might include: 

  • your family
  • your chosen substitute decision-maker
  • staff at your hospital and local doctor
  • anyone else you feel is appropriate 

It is also recommended you upload a copy of all advance care planning documents to My Health Record. My Health Record is a digital health record that allows you and your healthcare providers to view your health information when it is needed, including in an emergency. 


What are the advantages of having advance care planning documents on My Health Record? 


By uploading advance care planning documents to My Health Record, your preferences can be safely and securely accessed if you are in a medical emergency and can’t speak for yourself, whether at home or travelling away from your local area. It means healthcare providers as well as family members or friends (who you have given permission to) can look at your record and see your preferences. 

For more information on how to upload advance care planning documents to My Health Record you can:   

Healthcare providers can find more information on My Health Record here