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Decision Assist Summary Report

The Decision Assist Summary Report is now available. It summaries the program’s impact from 2013-2017, providing an overview of the program initiatives, findings and policy implications. Decision Assist was delivered by a consortium of leading palliative care and advance care planning organisations.


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Palliative Care and other resources

  • Fact sheet

    Advance Care Planning Guide for General Practice fact sheet

    Advance Care Planning Australia

    A guide to triggers and conversation starters for advance care planning discussions in general practice.
  • Fact sheet

    Frequently Asked Questions for General Practice on Advance Care Planning

    Advance Care Planning Australia

    A fact sheet with a list of questions and answers for general practitioners on advance care planning.
  • Fact sheet

    Advance Care Planning in General Practice: Guidance on use of MBS Items

    Advance Care Planning Australia

    This guide describes how MBS Item numbers may be used by GPs for Advance Care Planning (ACP) where clinically appropriate.