Ricki Spencer (They/Her) M.Ed. BSW. BA B.Ed. has over 20 years of experience working in welfare provision as a social worker, teacher, and health promotions facilitator.

Ricki is the current Convenor for Sociology of Media in Australia and Sociology of Teaching in Australia of the Australian Sociological Association, LGBTIQ+ Community Housing Reference Group Member for the Housing For The Aged Action Group (HAAG), Consumer Advisory Member for CIH Australia, Consumer Panel Member for Royal Melbourne Hospital, Breast Screening Victoria St Vincent’s Hospital.

They're also a social media officer for Australian Association for Special Education (AASE) teachers and a board member for Social Education Victoria (SEV).

Ricki identifies as a transgender, non-binary person with lived experience of disability. They're a passionate advance care planning advocate for the LGBTIQ+ community.     

You can read Ricki's full story here.