Radio COTA Podcast # 99 encourages all Australians to make their future health care preferences known.

Father and son smiling at the camera


From the 16th to the 22nd of April, 2018, it’s National Advance Care Planning Week, and in recognition of this, Radio COTA Podcast # 99 encourages all Australians, regardless of their current health status to make their future health care preferences known.

The initiative challenges people to start conversations with loved ones about what living well means to them and to consider who they would want to speak for them, if they were unable to speak for themselves.

Advance care planning helps to ensure your voice is heard if medical decisions have to be made for you. Having a plan means your friends, family, doctors and health team aren't guessing about what's important to you or what an acceptable outcome is for your life.

Two special guests, Julie Sutherland from Metro South Health, and Sue McGrath from COTA Australia, speak with Radio COTA about the importance of making an Advance Care Plan. Julie and Sue look at the process from a Queensland perspective and, in plain English, share how to go about doing it, dispelling some of the myths, and suggesting resources for further education and understanding of this important matter.