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By sharing your experiences with advance care planning you can help others make better decisions about their own health and care.

We'd love to hear from you whether you've done advance care planning yourself, or you've been involved in planning for a family member or friend, or you are a health and aged care professional. We'd particularly love to hear from diverse communities or those whose situation is related to dementia, palliative care, aged care, cancer or similar. But everyone's story is valuable.

Depending on your situation, you could write about:

  • how or why you got involved in advance care planning
  • the conversations you had about advance care planning
  • how advance care planning has benefited you, your family or friends, or your patients
  • some of the practical considerations of advance care planning given your situation or health condition
  • the things which you are glad you considered in your plan, or were included in a family member's or friend's plan
  • the things you wish were considered earlier
  • anything else which might help others in their future health and care planning

How we share your story

We may share your story in our education programs, in presentations, via newsletters, on social media and on our website to illustrate the benefits of advance care planning and to allow others to learn from your experiences. We will only ever identify you by first name only.

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