Step 1: Learn about the choices

Step 1: Learn about the choices

Be open: learn more about advance care planning.

Family, friends and carers can all perform important roles in advance care planning: you can promote conversations, then listen and encourage a person make a plan. To begin, you should increase knowledge and gain skills in advance care planning, so that you can be comfortable having the conversation and give the right advice.

Familiarise yourself with advance care planning in your state or territory. Every region has their own legal requirements, so make sure you are providing accurate information.

Learn about the important decisions that might need to be during a serious illness or injury, or during end-of-life care. Read about life-prolonging treatments, or you can take a free e-learning course from Advance Care Planning Australia. The courses introduce advance care planning, explore communication strategies, describe legal aspects in each state and more. You will also find face-to-face workshops and webinars on the Advance Care Planning Australia Learning program's website.

You can also explore our resources to find more information about advance care planning. You'll find videos, articles, e-learning, services and other organisations that can help you become skilled in advance care planning.

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