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Raising awareness and support

We work with health professionals and care workers in primary health care, general practice, residential aged care settings and hospitals, to raise awareness, educate and support advance care planning services in the community.

Establishing community awareness through information sessions and presentations, media coverage, shared stories and partnerships are essential to the successful implementation of advance care planning in Australia. Find out on this page how you can get involved:

For local community and residential aged care facilities

Advance care planning is a series of steps to help individuals think about and plan their future health and personal care and have their preferences known and respected, in consideration of a time when the person may be unable to speak for themselves.

Advance care planning is a part of routine, person-centred health care in the community. Advance Care Planning Australia offers a range of opportunities for organisations and residential aged care facilities to support their members and residents with information, advice and education for advance care planning.

The Advance Care Planning Volunteer Ambassador Program offers free information sessions to residents/members of local community centres and residential facilities.

Operated by the Austin Health Advance Care Planning Department, our trained volunteers can deliver a short presentation at your chosen venue. At this stage, presentations are only available in the Melbourne metropolitan area and some regional Victorian locations. Presentations focus on what constitutes an advance care plan, when it can be activated, who can make one and how to manage it. Every participant also receives an information kit.

To request an ACP speaker:

Request advance care planning information flyers and guides to help distribute within your local community centre, or to provide further guidance as part of your upcoming advance care planning event or information session.

Find learning programs for residential aged care workers on our education and learning pages, or browse our resource library for more online resources.

Decision Assist also has specific content relating to advance care planning education, and education and training for aged care workers.

  • Website

    Advance Care Planning Australia Learning

    Advance Care Planning Australia

    Advance Care Planning Australia Learning is a national eLearning hub to support aged care workers, health professionals and consumers learn more about advance care planning, addressing introductions, conversations, planning legal implications and more.
  • Video

    What is advance care planning?

    Decision Assist

    Learn about the principles of advance care planning int he first webinar of this series.
  • Video

    Advance care planning – how to

    Decision Assist

    Learn to recognise an opportunity to talk about advance care planning and how to have the conversation in this webinar.
  • Video

    Communication at the end of life - Meeting the needs of the family

    Decision Assist

    Increase your confidence in communicating with family members around death and dying. Develop an increased awareness of the psycho-social support needs of family members at the end of life.

For healthcare organisations and general practice

Increase awareness and knowledge of advance care planning within your organisation, hospital, clinic and/or general practice by exploring the advance care planning education and training materials targeted specifically at healthcare professionals.

Our informative one-day workshops will give you the opportunity to enhance your advance care planning knowledge and increase your confidence in having these important conversations. 

Topics include:

  • the benefits of advance care planning 
  • medical decision-making 
  • the role of the substitute decision-maker 
  • legal implications of advance care planning 
  • advance care planning conversations 
  • life prolonging treatments 
  • organisation implementation.

Establishing the governance and processes for successful advance care planning in your organisation requires support and commitment from all stakeholders.

We can help you get started by sharing our knowledge and experience from evidence-based practice. Contact us to start the conversation.

ACP Learning delivers a range of online courses, face-to-face workshops and webinars for all those interested in learning more about advance care planning.

Designed for health professionals, care workers and the general public, our range of educational programs offer everything from the advance care planning introduction to more specialised courses for professionals.

We've gathered hundreds of advance care planning resources to create a central, easily accessible, national resource library on current research findings and publications.

Share your research reports, publications, findings and fact sheets to be included in our resource library for easy access by other healthcare professionals and researchers in the industry.

For individuals

Timely decision-making before any health crisis reduces pressure on the individual and their family and helps to build care that's centred on the person's preferences, values and beliefs.

It's never too early to begin a conversation about medical treatment and care preferences to prepare for a time when you might not be able to make or communicate these yourself.

Making important decisions about future care sooner rather than later provides everyone involved with time to discuss what is really important for them to live well. It can help the person and family regain a sense of control.

Increase your awareness and understanding of advance care planning by exploring our advance care planning for individuals section.

Become an Advance Care Planning Community Ambassador

The Austin Health Advance Care Planning Department operates the Volunteer Ambassador Program to increase community awareness.

Our volunteers support the Advance Care Planning Australia's Advisory Service, including the national advance care planning advisory service. They also deliver advance care planning presentations in the community.

We're always on the lookout for people with a relevant background (e.g. health, law, education) who are comfortable talking about advance care planning, can break down complex ideas, enjoy connecting with people on a personal level and can appreciate the sensitivities around advance care planning.

Find out more about our Advance Care Planning Community Ambassador program, to submit your interest or to book a volunteer to speak at your event.

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"... we want people to understand that there is a choice. And at the end-of-life you can exercise that choice."

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Experiences with advance care planning

Share your story

Whether you're an individual, carer, or health care professional, if you've had experience with advance care planning, we want to hear from you.

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