Volunteer with us

About our volunteers

Our volunteers are advance care planning community ambassadors  that work with Advance Care Planning Australia to increase awareness and uptake of advance care planning among Australians and help people achieve positive health outcomes.

Advance Care Planning Australia trains and mentors advance care planning ambassadors to enable people to have advance care planning conversations by providing support, education, and resources. Advance care planning ambassadors are involved in a range of initiatives including:

  • conducting community and conference presentations
  • representing Advance Care Planning Australia at community events
  • operating a national advance care planning advisory service
  • facilitating advance care planning among patient groups
  • participate in volunteer-led research
  • assisting in the creation of videos and webinars
  • acting on advisor committees

In 2014, our ambassadors won the Victorian Minister for Health Volunteer award for outstanding achievement by a volunteer team in metropolitan health. Shown here are advance care planning community ambassadors Kate Puls and Catherine Kelly with The Hon David Davis, Victorian Health Minister 2014.

Advance Care Planning Australia volunteers accepting an award in 2014.
“It’s a good feeling to know that information I deliver at presentations does make a difference to many people!”
Advance Care Planning Australia community ambassador, Austin Health, Melbourne