Step 5: Review your plan

Step 5: Review your plan

Be heard: it's an ongoing conversation.

Things change. An advance care plan is a continuous discussion with yourself and your family about what's important to you.

Whenever your health, personal or living situation changes, think about what's in your advance care plan.

At some point, you may wish to change the person you have selected as your substitute decision-maker. You may have developed a new health problem or a current health issue may have worsened. Your life circumstances may have changed. Your goals may also have changed.

If you decide to change your advance care plan, all you have to do is write a new one then share and discuss it again.

Whether the changes are big or small, or if you are appointing someone different as your substitute decision-maker, you need to make sure everyone who has a copy of your previous document is aware of the new one. Discuss what you've updated with everyone and share new copies with them.

An advance care plan helps you plan for the unexpected. Making healthcare decisions for others can be difficult, so making an advance care plan is a really good idea. Discussing your preferences with family, friends and carers gives everyone some peace of mind. You can help others make their own plans by sharing a factsheet or other Advance Care Planning Australia resources with them.

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What happens after I make a plan?

Your future plan doesn't change anything about your current healthcare.

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