Step 2: Talk about your values

Step 2: Talk about your values

Be open: what treatments would you want? What care would you want?

If you become seriously ill or injured, sometimes you won't be able communicate or make decisions for yourself.

But if your family, friends, carers, and doctors know what's important to you, they can do their best to help uphold your preferences.

Start a conversation with the people you love, or anyone who might take care of you if you were sick or unable to care for yourself. Tell them that you're making a plan, and you want them to know what's important to you. Explain what you've been thinking about: what you value most, what your goals are, and what treatments you would or would not want under certain circumstances.

Your GP, nurse or aged care staff will be able discuss to your plan with you. Although you don't have to get help from a health or care worker when making your advance care plan, they can give you helpful advice and guidance.

After you've discussed your plan with your loved ones and your doctor or other staff, you can choose someone to be a substitute decision-maker. Picking someone you trust to be your substitute decision-maker is the next step.

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