Who should do advance care planning?

Planning is for everyone

Whatever our age may be, we all have values and preferences - and it's important to think about them, discuss them, and write them down in an advance care directive.

But advance care planning is particularly important for people who are older and are frail, or people who have a chronic illness, multiple diseases, an early cognitive impairment, or are approaching their end of life.

When should you make an advance care plan?

You should start planning when you're healthy - before there's actually an urgent need for a plan. But having an advance care plan in place becomes particularly significant towards the end of a person's life. About 85% of people die after chronic illness, not as the result of a sudden event - so it's important that your advance care plan is ready in case it's required someday.

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Advance care planning for individuals

What is an advance care directive?

It's a formal type of an advance care plan, but the laws regarding advance care directives differ between states.

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