Resources for hosts

Thanks to all those who helped raise awareness for National Advance Care Planning Week in 2022. Dates for National Advance Care Planning Week 2023 will be confirmed early next year. Remember, any time is a good time to start a conversation.

These resources can help you, your friends, family or community learn more about advance care planning and start talking about what's most important to you.

3. What should an event look like?

Your event can be anything you wish it to be with the aim of raising awareness of advance care planning and starting a conversation with attendees. It can be as small as a casual morning tea or as large as a seminar. We have made several suggestions on our host an event page to give you some ideas.

4. Do I have to work for an organisation to host an event?

No, advance care planning is for all Australians. We encourage individuals to host events to help their family and friends understand advance care planning and start a conversation.

5. Are the National Advance Care Planning Week events run by Advance Care Planning Australia?

While Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) is the facilitator of National Advance Care Planning Week, events are typically community run. The event planning and content is at the discretion of the organisation and/or individuals hosting the event. ACPA will present webinar events during National Advance Care Planning Week, which are hosted and run by ACPA. 

7. How do I register an event?

You will need to fill out a simple webform with your event details and some basic contact information. The date for registration openings will be confirmed in early 2023. 

8. I registered my event but it is not listed on the website. Why?

Registrations may take 5 business days to appear live on the website.

9. How do I promote the event to my networks?

We are developing resources to help you promote your event in the lead up to and also during your event. These will be available on the  event resource page in early 2023.  

13. My question is not listed here, where can I find the answer?

If you are unable to find the information you require, please email us via the contact us page.


Resources to help promote your event and National Advance Care Planning Week

Access a range of promotional materials to help you promote your event online or in person. If you're not hosting an event, you can also use our resources to help us raise awareness this Advance Care Planning Week.



Tips and activities for hosts

Our presentation slides, webinars and activities will help you make the most of your event on the day.



Guide for hosting a virtual event

Thinking about hosting a virtual event? Check out our guide.