Event tips for hosts

Ready to plan your event? We've developed a handy guide to help you through the event planning process. 


Before your event

  • Be sure to register your event to get an event listing on our National Advance Care Planning Week website.
  • If you're running a virtual event, check out our helpful guide to hosting a virtual event.
  • Give invitees enough time to clear their diaries so they can attend - get your invites out earlier rather than later.
  • You can promote your event by sharing your event listing in your newsletter or on social media with using our tiles.
  • Engage the local media and send a media release.
  • Hang awareness-raising posters around your office or community to build awareness. You can download our customisable posters here.

    During your event

    • A great way to kick off your event is to get your guests talking about advance care planning. Try our conversation starters to help open up the conversation on the day. These conversations can be challenging for some people - encourage an atmosphere of listening, openness and respect. 
    • Remind guests that everyone has different views and values - honest conversations are the key.
    • Check out our activity suggestions below.

    After your event

    • Share your photos and highlights with us after the event via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #acpweek23
    • Email your photos to us and tell us how it went.
    • We will also send you a survey to fill out after the event to help us improve.

    Activities for your event

    So you've finalised a date for your event but need some inspiration for activities? We’ve developed an event guide to ensure your event runs smoothly on the day.

    Step 1 - Introductions

    After you've formally introduced yourself and the event, why not play this animated video to set the scene.

    Step 2 - Get engaged with advance care planning

    The questions that matter most. Heather and Sue talking.


    The Questions That Matter Most

    If you were too unwell to speak for yourself, who would speak for you and what would they say? In this video we speak to several families and ask the big questions. This video can be used to encourage an open conversation around advance care planning.

    Watch now
    husband and wife interview


    Love Is Not Enough

    You know your loved ones well, but is that enough for life's toughest decisions? We put couples to the test in this emotionally-charged video. Show it as part of your event - we have included a handy discussion guide.

    Watch now
    mother and daughter on a couch


    Conversation starters

    Are you looking to chat over coffee, discuss over dinner or get the conversation started at your event? It can be tricky to know what to say or how to start chatting about what you value and believe in, so we've come up with some conversation starters to help you begin.

    Find out more
    image showing a board room with 8 people with laptops and having a video conference on a large screen in front of them


    PowerPoint presentation

    Use our PowerPoint slides to introduce the people attending your event to advance care planning.

    Download the presentation (PPT, 3.7MB)
    lady in yellow smiling


    Value statements

    Download a values poster for attendees to fill in. Post to social media using #acpweek22

    Open PDF (34 KB)


    Factsheet print out

    Print out this handy factsheet for guests explaining the basics of advance care planning so they can take home and read. The factsheet also provides details on where they can go for more information and support.

    Download and print (PDF, 189KB)

    Step 3 - Don't forget the forms!

    older couple signing paperwork


    Forms and documents

    Print out advance care planning forms relevant to your area, for those attending your event.

    Download and print

    Need more inspiration?

    older couple signing paperwork


    Video - Your Life. Your Choice.

    What is advance care planning? How do you create an Advance Care Directive? In this recorded webinar, you'll hear from our panel about the basic principles of advance care planning and how to get started.

    Watch video
    older couple signing paperwork


    Ted Talks to inspire

    These Ted Talks can help inspire ways you can start a conversation about advance care planning.

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    a stack of books held together by a woman in yellow


    Have you read...?

    We’ve compiled a list for fellow book lovers to help you think and talk about what matters most to you.

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