We conduct high-quality research with the aim of building an evidence base for advance care planning and increasing data availability for translational research.

We collaborate with many leading universities and organisations to deliver robust research initiatives and build high-level evidence. We share our evidence and findings via academic and grey literature publications.

Published research

Current research projects

Advance care directive prevalence study project

During 2018-20, we've been funded by the Australian Government to deliver the 'Prevalence of Advance Care Planning Documentation in Australian Health and Residential Aged Care Services' study. This study has collected a national dataset on the uptake of advance care planning documents across jurisdictions, sectors, medical conditions and services.

The findings of this study have implications for policy makers, stakeholder organisations, service providers and the community within Australia and internationally.

Research collaboration

We invite opportunities to partner with individuals and organisations pursuing research in similar areas of interests.

If you would like to collaborate on a research project, please contact us.

Last updated: September 2023