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Our email starter pack is a great way to get all of the information you need to start the advance care planning process in one handy email. We'll include relevant information and forms for your state or territory.

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The Questions That Matter Most

If you were too unwell to speak for yourself, who would speak for you and what would they say?   Watch our new video where we speak to several families and ask the big questions.

The Questions That Matter Most

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 The process, forms and documents for advance care planning depend on your state or territory.

We offer various options to increase your knowledge of advance care planning including free online courses, workshops and webinars.

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Learn about the different laws and ethical considerations for advance care planning.

Latest news

  • National Volunteer Week 2022

    Celebrating our Support Service volunteers this National Volunteer Week 16-22 May

    May 16 - 22 marks National Volunteer Week. Advance Care Planning Australia would like to recognise the support, dedication, and effort our volunteers contribute to our program. We asked them a few questions about the motivation to begin volunteering, what it means to them and what they like about their role with ACPA.

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    Now is the time for advance care planning with patients

    While advance care planning is first and foremost a person-centred process, and one that can benefit from input from a range of professions, doctors play an important role. As trusted providers of health care information, medical staff can help patients to understand their current health state and likely future scenarios that may emerge. They can work to understand their patients’ goals and values for future treatment, and inform patients about the types of treatment options that will help them achieve their goals.

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    The importance of storing your patients' advance care planning documents in My Health Record

    Storing advance care planning documents in My Health Record means your patient and any healthcare providers they see have secure access to these important documents whenever they’re needed. It’s particularly vital in emergency settings, giving the treating team rapid access to this information, thereby ensuring a better understanding of your patient’s preferences and the type of care they may want.  

Starting the conversation

Starting the conversation about advance care planning is an important first step in ensuring a person's preferences for future care are known and respected.

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