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 The process, forms and documents for advance care planning depend on your state or territory.

We offer various options to increase your knowledge of advance care planning including free online courses, workshops and webinars.

Learn more about the role health professionals play in advance care planning. 

Learn about the different laws and ethical considerations for advance care planning.

Latest news

  • baby-boomer-couple-advance-care-planning

    End-of-life crisis looms for older Australians without advance care planning

    New research has found that 70% of Australians aged 65+ are sidestepping the opportunity to control their end-of-life care, with men less likely to plan than women.

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  • A middle aged woman and an older man with a cane walking arm in arm.

    Substitute decision-makers unprepared for end-of-life choices

    Our new research sheds light on the experience of people called upon to make medical decisions for loved ones and found them to be largely unsupported and unprepared for the role.

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  • Two men carrying two women on their backs. Everyone is smiling.

    National effort challenging Australians to plan future medical care

    More than 75 community and health sector organisations from across Australia have joined forces for  National Advance Care Planning Week to promote awareness of a advance care planning.

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Starting the conversation

Starting the conversation about advance care planning is an important first step in ensuring a person's preferences for future care are known and respected.

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